Visiting International Student Internship & Training (VISIT)

Admission Requirements

To apply for a VISIT internship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be eligible for a J-1 Visa
  • You are pursuing a degree at an accredited postsecondary academic institution outside the United States
  • You are primarily in the United States to engage in a student internship program rather than to engage in employment or provide services
  • You are in good academic standing at your home institution
  • You intend to return to your home institution after completion of the internship in order to finish your degree
  • You have sufficient financial resources to support yourself and any accompanying dependents for the duration of your visit to the United States
  • You have not previously participated in a student internship program for more than 12 months (for each degree/major)
  • You agree to comply with University of Washington policies, including the Student Conduct Code and intellectual property policies

Evidence of Language Proficiency

Applicants must demonstrate a higher level of English proficiency and have test scores meet the following minimums:76 TOEFL iBT, or an overall band score of 6.0 on the IELTS test. English speaking countries are not exempt from this requirement. Please read the VISIT J-Visa Request for ways to submit your TOEFL/IELTS score report. You can submit a copy of your score report with your VISIT application as a placeholder until the VISIT office can verify your official score.

  • Previous ESL coursework or English composition courses, even when taken in the United States, will not satisfy the English proficiency admission requirement.
  • An associate degree from a community college does not exempt applicants from submitting English proficiency exam scores. All applicants must submit official TOEFL or IELTS scores to be eligible for admission consideration.
  • TOEFL code: 4854
  • IELTS: email with TRF registration number

Application Steps

The following steps are required for admission to the VISIT program. You should allow at least 3-5 months to complete this process (see the VISIT Program Timeline for more details), including your visa interview:

  1. Contact the UW VISIT Office ( for more information on the VISIT program. The VISIT Coordinator will give you resources on how to connect with the UW academic department or program where you would like to conduct research or work-based learning as an intern. The department should match the area of specialization in your degree program. (Note: Individuals who wish to enroll in coursework at the UW should not apply for an internship but instead contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office or the Graduate Admissions Office for information about applying as an international student.)
  2. If you and the department agree to the general goals of the internship, you will be interviewed by phone or in person or by your supervisor
  3. Working with your UW host supervisor, choose the start and end date of your internship. You must enter the United States on or 30-days before the start date listed on the VISIT application and the Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status–Form DS-2019 (DS-2019). Keep in mind that it may take up to 5 months for you, your UW host department, and the UW to complete and process your VISIT application.
  4. The host department completes Part A, B and C of the VISIT J-Visa Request and the student completes Parts D through H. The student’s home institution is required to complete Part I. Do not complete Parts J through L.
  5. Return the form via mail or email to your UW host department, along with a copy of your passport ID page, financial documentation (bank statement and/or sponsor letter on letterhead – IN ENGLISH), a copy of your curriculum vitae or résumé, and official score/report from a standardize English test (minimum TOEFL 76; IELTS 6.0). Other language proficiency test scores will not be accepted.
  6. Your UW host department fills out a Training/Internship Placement Plan (DS-7002) and emails it to you to sign and review.
  7. Sign the DS-7002 with either a signature or electronic signature, email, scan or post mail the DS-7002 to the UW host department. Leave the Sponsor signature blank.
  8. Your UW host department will communicate with the VISIT Office of your selection for participation in the VISIT Program. The VISIT Office will express mail you your DS-2019 (prepared by UW International Scholars Operations [ISO] office), along with a welcome packet of helpful information regarding insurance coverage, information on Seattle, transit help, how to find housing in Seattle, how to set-up your UW Net ID and UW email, and other resources. Some of this information will be directly emailed to you.
  9. You pay the SEVIS I-901 fee and apply for a J-1 visa at the nearest U.S. consulate (the visa application will include the DS-2019 form).
  10. You must enter the United States on or within 30 days prior to the start date listed in item 3 of the DS-2019 form. You may not enter the country after the start date listed on the DS-2019. If you must enter the country after the start date on your DS-2019, you need to inform the VISIT office ( immediately so that the DS-2019 form can be updated and reissued.

Applying for Your Visa

  1. New J-1 Exchange visitors must pay the SEVIS I-901 fee.
  2. You must present the DS-7002 and DS-2019 forms to the U.S. consulate when applying for a J-1 visa. Accompanying family members should apply for J-2 visas at the same time.
  3. You must enter the United States on, or up to 30 days before, the start date listed in section 3 of the DS-2019. If you must enter the country after that date, inform IELP immediately so that the DS-2019 can be updated and reissued.

For more information about J-1 visas at the University of Washington, please reference the International Scholars Operations J-1 visa page. UW International Scholars Operations office can be reached by phone at 206-543-3392 or via email.


We are happy to answer any questions you may have about applying to VISIT.