Visiting International Student Internship & Training (VISIT)

VISIT internships directly relate to your current field of study in your bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree program at your home university. You and your University of Washington host department or program will formulate a clear written statement of the internship's learning goals and objectives.

Your internship must meet the following requirements:

  • Consist of at least 32 hours of structured activities per week
  • Not involve entry-level work or duplicate any previous experience you have had
  • Not allow you to engage in clinical or other tasks that involve patient care or contact
  • Not allow you to enroll, audit, or unofficially audit UW courses
  • Must purchase UW VISIT Student Only Health Insurance (after arrival)

In certain circumstances, you may be permitted to receive a stipend from the UW host department. Stipends are at the discretion of the department or program. Please note that taxes will be withheld from your stipend paychecks (about 14%).

Note that you may not enroll or otherwise participate in UW coursework. You may, with permission of your supervisor and VISIT Coordinator, occasionally and infrequently observe classroom lectures if the topic specifically relates to your research.

You must enter the United States on or before the start date listed on the VISIT application and the DS-2019. Note: Quarterly fees cannot be prorated if the research activity does not span a full quarter. Please see the calendar listed on the Overview tab. If the internship falls on a quarter date, you are required to pay that quarters fees.

Note: We advise potential VISIT interns to wait to purchase their airfare until after they have received their DS-2019 immigration documents. Please refer to the VISIT Program Timeline for approximate wait times on application completion.

Health Insurance

As a VISIT student researcher, you are required to purchase monthly VISIT Student Only Health Insurance coverage during your internship at the UW upon your arrival. This insurance is required even if you have insurance from your home country or another insurance company. This insurance is provided by LewerMark Student Medical Insurance company. The VISIT Office will instruct you how to pay for your VISIT insurance after you arrive in the U.S.

Immigration Check-In

You are strongly encouraged to attend as soon as you arrive to obtain fee and orientation information about the VISIT program and your J-1 visa. Bring the DS-2019 forms for you and any dependents along with a printout of your I-94 card, passport, Statement of Compliance and Seattle-area residence address to the check-in. Be sure to register online at least one day in advance. You will receive the Statement of Compliance included with your DS-2019 after acceptance into the VISIT program.

Student Costs per Quarter

Program fee* (one-time fee): $1,250
Nonrefundable registration fee: $45
Insurance: $104.72 per month
Bus pass
Estimated cost of living in Seattle** $6,300 per quarter
TOTAL $8,059.16 (first quarter);

$6,809.16 (each additional quarter)

*Only charged for first quarter enrolled

**Not a fee. Estimated cost of living is based on one individual. Add $3,600 for spouse and $1,800 for each child, if applicable. If your start date is July 1 or earlier, use $5,400.

Note: Fees subject to change without notice