Global Connections Study Abroad Program

Students in the Global Connections program take a combination of international studies courses, undergraduate electives and English language courses. Special courses focus on different global challenges and opportunities.


During their first quarter (autumn or spring), all program students will be enrolled in a preparatory advising seminar designed to help you succeed in your classes. The rest of your course schedule is based on course availability and your level of English language proficiency. See the How to Apply page for additional details regarding English Language requirements.

First quarter course schedule, based on English proficiency level:

TOEFL Score 69–75 (no subscore below 15) 76–91 (no subscore below 17) 92 or Higher (no subscore below 17)
IELTS Score 6.0 (no subscore below 5.5) 6.5 (no subscore below 6.0) 7.0 (no subscore below 6.0)
  • Advising seminar (3*)
  • Applied Academic Skills (5*)
  • Academic Reading & Writing 5 (10*)
  • Intensive English elective course (5*)
  • Advising seminar (3*)
  • International studies course (5)
  • Academic English Program (5)
  • Academic English Program or UW elective (5) (depending on TOEFL sub-scores)
  • Advising seminar (3*)
  • International studies course (5)
  • UW elective (5)
  • UW elective (5)

Number in parentheses indicates how many credits each course is worth. Numbers with an asterisk (*) indicate the course earns continuing education units (CEUs) rather than credits. Recognition of CEUs varies by institution.

Students who make satisfactory progress by the end of a quarter will move into the next level of courses for the following quarter. Students already at the highest level will select other courses at that same level. Students beginning their studies spring quarter are not eligible to study beyond spring quarter in the Global Connections program.

See the Course Descriptions page for more details about course offerings.

Program Tuition

Program tuition is $7,995 per quarter for academic year 2018–19.

Program Length Total Program Cost
3 months (autumn or spring quarter only) $7,995
6 months (autumn and winter quarters) $15,990
9 months (autumn through spring quarters) $23,985

These amounts do not include the application fee, books and supplies or living expenses. See the chart on the right for those costs.

Refund Policy

100% tuition refund if you withdraw before the first business day of the program. After that, you may request a partial refund for every quarter that has not yet started; refund decisions are determined at UW's sole discretion. All application, registration and quarterly insurance fees are nonrefundable.

Costs per Quarter

Tuition: $7,995 (See table)
Nonrefundable Application Fee*: $50
Express Mail Fee*: $40
International Student Health Insurance Plan (required): $331 per quarter
Room and board (estimate): $3,897
Books and supplies (estimate): $275
Other expenses (estimate): $755
TOTAL: $13,343

*one-time fee

Note: Fees subject to change