On Campus

While you are on the University of Washington campus you can choose from more than 40 dining locations, including restaurants, cafeterias, cafes, espresso bars, food trucks and small markets. For those with dietary restrictions, many locations offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

You can pay for meals with cash, credit card or your Husky Card (UW identification card), which works like a prepaid debit card at any campus dining location. You can add funds to your Husky Card online or at deposit stations on campus. If you live in the residence halls, you will have a special prepaid Dining Account, also linked to your Husky Card.

Near Campus

Just west of campus is University Way (or the "Ave"), a street filled with local stores and a wide range of affordable restaurants, including Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Korean, Mexican, Greek, Italian and Mediterranean food. There are also pizza places, ice cream parlors, sandwich shops, cafes, bakeries and produce and seafood markets.

From the east side of campus, students can walk about 10 minutes to reach University Village. The restaurants in this open-air shopping center tend to be a little more expensive than those found on the Ave. There are also bakeries, coffee shops and dessert stores.