Professional Development & Training Programs

In our increasingly globalized economy, companies must constantly seek ways to make their workforce more knowledgeable and competitive. A Customized Professional Group Program at the University of Washington is a solid investment in helping professionals adapt to the changing demands of working in a global climate.

Your employees will benefit both by improving their cross-cultural communication skills and by learning more about their field. Customized programs feature hands-on experience as well as traditional classroom activities. Previous programs have included content themes such as English for business, natural resources, engineering, education, medical training, law and information technology.

Professional Development Program Benefits

  • Exposure to cutting-edge research and information in relevant fields
  • Access to the educational resources of the departments, schools, colleges and centers at the UW
  • Highly trained and experienced instructors
  • Emphasis on professional oral communication skills as students learn about a content area

Sample Program

Read about a faculty development course we created for Waseda University.

Teacher Training Programs

Learn to manage and organize your classroom and explore the latest research on teaching methods and techniques with a customized teacher training program from the University of Washington IELP. Create a program specific to your needs by choosing from our ten expertly crafted instructional modules.

  • Course Design and Curriculum Design
  • Teaching Methods, Lesson Planning and Material Development
  • Classroom Management and Professional Standards
  • Assessment
  • Teaching Grammar/Pronunciation
  • Teaching With Technology
  • Teaching Across Skill Areas
  • Culture, Language, and Learning
  • Theories of Language Learning
  • Research and Practicum Component

Using these modules, customized teacher training programs with our highly experienced teacher trainers usually range from one to ten weeks in length. We work with universities, ministries of education and private businesses around the world to provide their teachers with the most current understanding in these key areas.


We are happy to answer any questions and provide more information about our customized professional group programs.