Global Connections Study Abroad Program

Course Descriptions

Students may take a variety of courses based on their English proficiency and course availability.

Applied Academic Skills

This course focuses on different themes and introduces students to the types of assignments, projects and activities they will encounter in higher education. Students use critical thinking to comprehend, evaluate and apply information from readings and class lectures. UW professors serve as guest lecturers and co-teach this course along with an English instructor. This course is open both to Global Connections students and Intensive English Program students.

Academic Reading and Writing 5

In this course, students actively read and respond to college-level readings. At the same time, they improve their reading fluency and critical thinking skills. Students communicate their ideas about readings in paragraph and multi-paragraph academic compositions. They also develop their knowledge of academic vocabulary. This course is open both to Global Connections students and Intensive English Program students.

Academic English Program Courses

These courses are UW credit courses taken primarily by undergraduate and graduate UW students, including international students and resident immigrants, who come from an array of countries and have different first language backgrounds. Through the AEP 103 and 104 courses, students improve their academic literacy (reading, writing and thinking) so they can more fully participate in lectures and class discussions in other UW courses.

  • AEP 103 (English 103) In this course, students learn and practice the reading, writing and critical thinking strategies they need to develop researched, organized and correctly documented papers using academic sources. Students are introduced to library research skills for finding a variety of sources.
  • AEP 104 (English 104) This course is an academic listening and speaking course. It aims to improve a studentís ability to participate in university course lectures and class discussions. Students respond to lectures, participate in and lead class discussions and deliver short oral reports.

Intensive English Electives

Students in the Intensive English level (TOEFL 69-75) during autumn quarter may choose one of the following Intensive English course electives:

  • Advanced Conversation
  • Advanced Vocabulary & Idioms
  • Business English
  • Listening & Speaking 5
  • News
  • TOEFL Preparation
  • IELTS Preparation

For descriptions of these courses, please visit the IEP Courses page.

International Studies Courses

Each quarter, students who are eligible to take UW academic credit courses will choose one course from a selection of customized Jackson School of International Studies course offerings. These credit courses are open both to Global Connections students and UW students.

The following is a list of courses that have previously been offered by the Jackson School. Course offerings are subject to change, and not all of these courses will be available in a particular quarter.

  • Institutions, Growth and the Environment
  • Global Citizenship and Digital Storytelling
  • Energy in East Asia: Regional Issues, Global Implications
  • Global Sustainability Movements
  • Economic Diplomacy: Government, Foreign Policy and the Global Economy
  • Global Cities, Utopia and the Environment
  • Changing Generations in Japan and East Asia
  • Global Sustainability and Business

UW Electives

In UW undergraduate credit courses, Global Connections students should expect to be academically challenged by the professors and by their American and international peers. Most courses meet for about five hours each week. Some courses include a quiz section, which allows students to meet with the professor or teaching assistant in smaller groups.

Registration for electives is on a space-available basis. Prior to the start of each quarter, students will be placed on standby for their selected courses. During the first week of the quarter, students will be required to get permission from the professor to finalize their enrollment in a course. Global Connections program staff will help students with the registration process each quarter.

Note: The selection of available classes changes each quarter and student options may be limited by conflicts with other required courses.

The following are examples of elective courses that have previously been offered. Course offerings are subject to change, and not all of these courses will be available in a particular quarter.

  • ENGL 213: Modern and Postmodern Literature
  • GWSS 290: Special Topics in Women Studies
  • HSTAA 230: Race and Power in America
  • HSTEU 113: Europe and the Modern World
  • LING 200: Introduction to Linguistic Thought
  • MKTG 301: Marketing Concepts
  • POL S 202: Introduction to American Politics
  • POL S 427: International Political Economy
  • PSYCH 101: Introduction to Psychology