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Ying Jia

Global Business Certificate

Ying Jia

Education is important to Ying. She believes it opens doors. When she decided to move from Beijing, China, to Seattle, her intent was to expanding her daughter’s future possibilities.

But after doing research, she learned she could use the opportunity to return to school herself. She enrolled in the Intensive English Program without hesitation.

In class the teachers were “very strict with us at the start, but kind, too,” said Ying. “All the teachers at UW are great. And with a good teacher, I can gain more knowledge.”

She learned valuable lessons outside of class, too.

Over lunch, some classmates told her about the Business English Program (formerly Intensive Business English Program). “I thought I could connect the theoretical knowledge they teach with my 22 years of real-world experience in international business. Transferring to this program seemed like a fresh start to my career.”

Meanwhile, Ying had also discovered the joys of volunteering. “Volunteering is very important in America,” Ying said, as she explained why she spends her after-class hours helping out at the Seattle Art Museum.

Between school and volunteering, Ying made a new discovery: She has a passion for education and non-governmental organizations. She’s decided to transfer study yet again to the Global Business Certificate program to strengthen her leadership skills, then do an internship in a public service-oriented field.

“I’m middle-aged. In China, I could not do this,” she said of getting an education and opening doors later in life. “I feel very fortunate.”