The UW works closely with universities, corporations, nongovernmental organizations and government agencies from around the world to develop customized programs. These group education programs can be focused on specific content themes as well as English language skills.

Customize a Program to Meet Your Organization's Needs

A custom program can range in length from one week to nine months or more. They can take place on the UW campus, online or onsite at a location of your choice.

We encourage you to bring us your innovative ideas and educational challenges. We enjoy developing programs that meet specialized requirements for unique subject areas and audiences.

The UW Difference

All our programs include these compelling advantages:

  • As a top-tier research institution, the University of Washington offers academic prestige, vast resources and a highly qualified teaching staff.
  • The UW campus is located in the heart of Seattle, a cosmopolitan city with a mild climate. Seattle is world-renowned as a center for research and development in technology, business, education, health care and the environment.

More Information

Learn about types of custom programs, predesigned programs and how customized programs work