Global Marketing & Project Management

This track is ideal for international students and professionals looking to expand their business skills in a global context.

This nine-month program is divided into three quarters of study. You'll take two classes each quarter, one core course (15.5 hours per week) and one elective (2.5 hours per week).

Note: If you don’t want to study for nine months, you may enroll in individual quarters of the program. But those interested in Optional Practical Training must complete the entire Global Business Certificate program to qualify to apply.

Core Courses

Foundations of Global Business (Quarter 1)

This introductory global business course touches on the fundamental concepts needed to understand global business operations and trends. Each instructor teaches the content area of business fundamentals in which they specialize. This course illustrates the big picture of global business and is designed to maximize integration of the most important business topics and minimize any overlap of key learning points across the curriculum.

Global Marketing (Quarter 2)

Students in this course learn the fundamentals of global marketing. Special course topics include market selection, social and cultural considerations in marketing, globalization and localization, customer relationship management (CRM), and digital marketing. All students participate in team marketing projects to practice the skills learned.

Project Management (Quarter 3)

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of project management as a discipline. Students examine case studies and participate in team projects focused on risk management, communication skills, cost, successful project task scheduling and more. Students plan a complete marketing project for their final course assignment.

Elective Courses

Business Presentation Skills (Quarters 1 & 3)

Today’s employers seek individuals with strong verbal communication and presentation skills. In this hands-on presentation skills class, students will hone their speaking and delivery skills, develop analytical and organizational skills, and give formal and impromptu presentations.

Writing for Business (Quarters 1, 2 & 3)

This practical writing workshop is designed to help students understand and practice professional writing for an international business audience. The focus of the class will be writing business emails, letters and reports.

Application & Interview Preparation (Quarters 1, 2 & 3)

In this career preparation workshop, students write formal resumes and cover letters and gain important skills necessary for interviewing, researching companies, and communicating in a globalized workforce. All students wanting to go on to Optional Practical Training (OPT) will be expected to attend a mandatory OPT workshop facilitated by an international student advisor.

International Negotiations (Quarter 3)

In this interactive workshop, students will learn the basic framework and skills necessary for intercultural business negotiations. The focus will be on understanding and creating effective, joint business deals from both the buyer’s and seller’s perspective. To do this, students will engage in team business simulation activities.



instructor and student

Core courses are taught by UW Foster School of Business lecturers and leading industry experts. Elective courses are taught by experienced instructors from UW International & English Language Programs.