Business Intelligence for Global Entrepreneurship

The Business Intelligence for Global Entrepreneurship track is currently on hiatus and is not accepting applications.

This track is designed for international students and professionals interested in expanding their data analysis skills, working for a startup or launching their own business.

What You'll Do

  • Gain insight into the latest data-informed business practices 
  • Develop your ability to test, prove and substantiate business concepts
  • Understand ethical considerations of artificial intelligence, big data and emerging technologies
  • Practice developing and pitching your own business ideas
  • Earn an internationally recognized professional certificate


This nine-month program is divided into three quarters of study. Each quarter is focused on diverse sets of business intelligence, business analysis and entrepreneurship skills. In all courses, you'll cultivate a mindset of ethical considerations and sustainability while fostering global and local partnerships. Classes meet for a total of 18 hours per week. 

Note: If you aren’t able to study for nine months, you may enroll in individual quarters of the program. However, those interested in Optional Practical Training must complete the entire program to qualify to apply.

Quarter Topics

Quarter 1: Business Intelligence Fundamentals for Entrepreneurship

Develop a strong understanding of how to use both quantitative and qualitative data to streamline operations and guide responsible, profitable business decisions in modern businesses. You'll become adept at managing resources and coordinating the strengths of diverse teams to achieve business objectives. 

Quarter 2: Business Analytics & Data Storytelling

Immerse yourself in quantitative data analysis experiences, develop skills in creating data-driven hypotheses, conduct critical market research and analyze data to drive strategic decisions. You'll receive training in effective data presentation and develop skills in cross-cultural communication and business dialogues. 

Quarter 3: Data-Driven Business Plans & Pitches

During this quarter, you'll create a startup business plan, complete with a comprehensive pitch deck and an investor pipeline, that includes your unique personal strengths and cultural insights. At the end of the quarter, you'll have a plan ready for possible implementation. 


instructor and students

Courses are taught by leading industry experts with guest speakers from a diverse range of fields.