Types of Custom Programs

Academic Programs (Study Abroad)

Effective cross-cultural communication skills are essential for student success. Many universities would like to offer their students an international study experience in the United States, but it can be challenging to fit a traditional semester or academic year program into your institution’s regular plan of studies.

The answer to this is a Customized Academic Group Program at the University of Washington. While studying abroad, your students will expand their view of the world, improve their English and prepare for their careers.

Program Features

  • Opportunity for your students to study abroad without formally enrolling at UW or competing for a traditional, one-to-one individual exchange position
  • Curricula integrated into your university system, creating a seamless learning experience
  • Ability for students to stay on degree track and receive academic credit from your university while studying at the UW
  • Highly trained and experienced instructors

More Information

At this time, our Customized Academic Group Programs are only available to students who are at least 18 years old by the time the program begins (or are 17 years old and have graduated from high school).

Professional Development and Training Programs

Internationally savvy companies constantly seek to develop a workforce that is more knowledgeable and competent. A Customized Professional Group Program at the University of Washington is a solid investment in helping professionals adapt to the changing demands of international business.

Your employees will benefit both by improving their cross-cultural communication skills and by learning more about their field. Customized programs feature hands-on experience as well as traditional classroom activities.

Previous programs have included content themes such as English for business, natural resources, engineering, education, medical training, law and information technology.

Program Features

  • Exposure to cutting-edge research and information in relevant fields
  • Access to the educational resources of the departments, schools, colleges and centers at the UW
  • Highly trained and experienced instructors
  • Emphasis on professional oral communication skills as students learn about a content area

Teacher Training Programs

Instructors and faculty need specialized training to create a dynamic learning environment. In the customized teacher training programs at the University of Washington, teachers from a variety of academic disciplines learn to manage and organize their classroom and explore the latest research on teaching methods and techniques.

Taught by highly experienced teacher trainers, our teacher training programs usually range from one to 10 weeks in length. We work with universities, ministries of education and private businesses around the world to provide their teachers with the most current understanding of key teaching areas.

We also offer specific Teaching English as a Foreign Language professional training in customized formats. 

Organizations may create a program specific to their needs by choosing from the 10 expertly crafted instructional modules below.

Instructional Modules

  • Course Design & Curriculum Design
  • Teaching Methods, Lesson Planning & Material Development
  • Classroom Management
  • Assessment
  • Teaching With Technology
  • Teaching Grammar/Pronunciation*
  • Teaching Across Skill Areas*
  • Culture, Language & Learning*
  • Theories of Language Learning*
  • Research & Practicum Component

*TEFL-specific modules