Program Details

During the first two weeks, participants will learn about topics such as teaching methods, lesson planning, material development, classroom management and language production. During the final week, you'll observe UW courses and practice using various teaching techniques.

The program includes a total of 50 instructional contact hours over three weeks (plus additional time for UW course observations), featuring the following topics:

Week 1: Teaching Methods, Lesson Planning, Material Development

  • Examining a variety of teaching methods and determining the most appropriate approaches for instruction based on students’ needs, goals, cultures, and the course content
  • Creating lesson plans with activities focused on specific/clear/appropriate learning objectives within lesson's time frame
  • Finding or creating materials that support the objectives of the lesson, including an introduction to teacher resources (commercial, free, online, etc.)

Week 2: Classroom Management & Language Production

  • Engaging with learners in their learning process, developing motivation, gauging interest and managing student time and attention
  • Creating community in the classroom
  • Creating and managing effective collaborative group work
  • Improving language production skills for classroom teaching by recognizing and producing consonant and vowel sounds appropriately; practicing appropriate stress, rhythm and intonation; increasing fluency; practicing grammar structures; and controlling vocabulary

Week 3: Practicum Seminar

  • Discussing general impressions, student classroom experience, and implementation of various teaching techniques from UW course observations
  • Creating opportunities to practice the methods and information gained through the program’s content by giving teaching demonstrations
  • Applying principles of reflective teaching to practice


instructor and student

The program is taught by experienced instructors from UW International & English Language Programs. Many of them have advanced degrees.